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Regulatory requirements and social expectations are quickly evolving.
So should you.

What is the DIMEC Advantage?

New-Era Engagement and Interest Tracking

Detailed record keeping is the only way to understand and mitigate social issues, and to prove your monumental engagement efforts to the public and to regulators. DIMEC will complement your engagement and community relations team and alleviate the pressure of tracking and reporting on this critical information, allowing them to focus on developing strong, lasting relationships.

Our new-era processes track smaller bits of information through fewer steps while our proprietary technology automates much of the labourious writing process. This results in a consultation log that is compiled with less effort and higher accuracy, and can be instantly rewritten or reformatted to meet rapidly evolving social and regulatory requirements. DIMEC Advantage can be paired with your current engagement tracking software or used as an alternative.

For you and your team, DIMEC Advantage means less oversight and less record-keeping responsibilities. You will have access to powerful reports and analytics that will tell you exactly where you stand with your stakeholders. At a moment's notice, you will be able to provide regulators with accurate and fulsome consultation logs. For your project, this means less risk with higher social and regulatory certainty.

Your Road to Success with 

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Pre-consultation Planning
Through your desktop research and internal planning sessions, leverage DIMEC's RegSync dataset to ensure you understand your stakeholders and the interests they are likely to raise. You will have access to tens of thousands of concerns, mitigation strategies, workshop comments, engagement records, public comments and commitments between your stakeholders and previous proponents.
Engagement and Consultation
As you engage and consult with your stakeholders and impacted communities, you will easily submit your emails, meeting minutes, and other records of contact to DIMEC. We will work closely with you through the engagement phase of your project to ensure the right records are submitted with the right information.
Data and Information Management
DIMEC will track every interaction, concern, commitment, follow-up action item and outstanding inquiry. We will then provide you with reports and analytics throughout your engagement phase so you can understand exactly where you stand with every community and every stakeholder.
Strengthen Relationships and Reach Agreements
With the strength of DIMEC tracking and reporting, you will be empowered to build stronger, more trusting, and longer-lasting relationships with stakeholders and communities and, in the end, will reach agreements that better meet everyone's needs.
Regulatory and Hearing Support
DIMEC will produce credible consultation and concern mitigation reports to meet public expectations and regulatory requirements. If needed, DIMEC will also help prepare your consultation record and supporting documents for a regulatory hearing.
Regulatory Approval
With the support of DIMEC, we will help you cross the finish line with more certainty and with fewer delays.
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