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What DIMEC Has to Offer

DIMEC is a one-stop shop for all stakeholder management needs but if you already have a software or database that you'd like to keep, our data managers can work in that, too.

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DIMEC's One-Stop

Software & Services

Every organization has different projects with different requirements, and every organization deserves a customized solution. Here are some of the things DIMEC can track within our customized software and complete data management services

Public Participation


DIMEC will track and monitor all stakeholder and community engagement initiatives for proponents, whether they are for project development, company outreach, client relations or change management. This will create a strong and lasting institutional memory with the ability to instantly recall every conversation.

Community Fulfillment

We work directly with communities to track proponents and their projects, including opportunities, consultation efforts, commitments, action items, interests and concerns. We also maximize opportunities for industry participation by managing data of members and member-owned businesses.

Land Tracking


Effectively tracking both engagement and land can be tricky, but we've figured it out. DIMEC will merge its stakeholder engagement functionality with its land tracking, then make it accessible through map dashboards to ensure you know where you stand with every individual and land parcel.

Funding and Relocation

Not properly tracking who and where you've provided sponsorship and other payments can be a costly mistake. DIMEC can track these, as well and the flow of transfers for relocation.

Distribution Lists

Complete and accurate distribution lists are never more than a couple of clicks away. Immediately find any stakeholder's contact information or pull mailing addresses from an unlimited number of lists.

Action Items

Instantly understand who on your team is responsible for what and when it's due. With DIMEC managing your action items and commitments, your to-dos won't fall through the cracks.


It's nice to have an idea of where interests and concerns are coming from, but it's even better to see them on a map. Your reports will plot important areas on a map and can include shape files for your project area.


Track themes with any of the metrics DIMEC manages for you. Truly understand the bigger picture and feel empowered while instantly understanding exactly what you need to know when you need to know it.


Track your team or community's training, certifications and education. Trust DIMEC to manage individual qualifications to share with other organizations, or to build stronger proposals and bid opportunities.

Data Management Services

Data Management Services

Our data managers have worked in every leading stakeholder management software and understand exactly how to get the most out of them, no matter their weakness. If you're currently using a software with a long-term contract, a database built by your organization, or just have another preference, our experts are happy to make it sing for you.

Experts in Any Database

Adapt to Your Protocols

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