Mind the Gap in Your Consultation Record

Document, document, document- and do it as soon as possible. The number one risk to your consultation record is failing to document every interaction, every interest, and every concern. Make it as easy as possible to take note of what was said and who said it with printable PDF templates, macro-Word documents and email templates (all available for free on our website). Worried you won’t have time to document? Set up a voicemail system to call into so you can properly document it later.

Have one centralized location to house all raw documentation, such as an email address or folder on a shared drive (although you won’t have access to that from your phone), or both, and send the documentation there as soon as possible. This is especially critical if you aren’t the only one engaging. Once it’s in the centralized location, enter it into your database and move the documentation to an ‘Entered’ folder.

Enter interests and concerns twice- once in your consultation summary and once in the interests module of your database; you'll eventually need to be able to pull a report on just your interests and concerns, and you won't want to be extracting those from your consultation log at the eleventh hour.

Audit regularly. Extract consultation and interest reports on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Review each record to ensure interests and concerns were captured, and look for missing interactions such as a missed entry of a meeting or email in an email chain. Also, go through the ‘Entered’ folder to ensure everything within it was actually entered.