Six Clicks to Wisdom: LNG EAC Condition Compliance

Interactive Dashboard Powered by the RegSync LNG Dataset

With the LNG dataset, you're only a few clicks away from gaining the wisdom you need to make informed and educated decisions for project engagement and consultation. In this blog, we've shown the power of RegSync by applying just a couple of filters to show how quickly you can narrow more than 30,000 consultation records down to exactly what you're looking for. Use the dashboard above to see the 49 BC EAO Environmental Assessment Certificate conditions applied to LNG Canada and Woodfibre LNG, as well as each EAC holder's 2019 annual compliance self-reports. Their next compliance submissions will be available in the RegSync LNG dataset in February 2020.

If you are reading this from your phone, we'd recommend playing with this dashboard from your computer to get the full experience. Learn More The RegSync LNG dataset has over 400 groups. However, we've filtered this dashboard to show only the Indigenous communities, government bodies and agencies with the highest number of consultation records. You can learn more about exactly what groups have what interests by purchasing the RegSync LNG dataset. To learn more, contact us at

About RegSync

Every Consultation Record. One Location.

There are six regulators who oversee oil and gas development in British Columbia and Alberta. Each has its own, very unique and complex application directory. This makes it difficult and time-consuming to find consultation records, let alone perform analysis and identify trends. DIMEC synchronizes information from every regulator and converts every document submitted by every proponent, stakeholder and Indigenous community into a single, easy to use database called RegSync. RegSync includes every concern and response, feedback on applications, public comments, working group comments and engagement logs. Click here to learn more.