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The world of engagement and public participation looks a little different right now. DIMEC is here to help you stay TunedIn with your stakeholders.
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What is TunedIn?

A public participation and engagement platform.
Authorized stakeholders can view documents and provide feedback and the general public can submit their thoughts.

TunedIn is an online platform that empowers stakeholders and community members to participate in your stakeholder engagement and public participation initiatives. Key stakeholders are identified by you and login information is provided to them directly by you. They will be granted access to project documents and information, and can easily provide their input. The broader public can view general materials and be given a forum to express their thoughts directly with you. All input will be tied directly in with the other engagement information in your DIMEC Advantage database.

Key Features

Host online open houses, forums and discussions.

Grant access to stakeholders and communities to view and provide feedback on project documents, maps and draft applications.

Share consultation logs, interest tables, and concern and mitigation tables directly from your DIMEC Advantage database with stakeholders or communities, and enable input and approval through TunedIn.

Allow stakeholders and communities to georeference areas of interest or concern, and elaborate on the importance of their interests and concerns.

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