Helping our clients build strong, lasting relationships through data management and analytics

We deliver the most advanced engagement technology and services to tackle your toughest social issues and consultation requirements

What does 'dimec' mean?

A term used to define technology, processes or support related to 
data and information management for engagement and consultation.
We offer a research tool called RegSync™, as well as an engagement and interaction tracking service and technology called DIMEC™ Advantage.
Our Story

Our dimec experts have tracked and analyzed hundreds of thousands of engagement records and interactions for more than 60 clients and 175 projects across North America.

Our Vision

To be the number one trusted resource in tracking and analyzing communications for project development, customer outreach and project management.

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A dataset of consultation records, concerns and interests scraped from regulatory websites. Know who said what about previous projects and what was done about it.

DIMEC Advantage

Engagement and interaction tracking services and technology. We allow you to understand your relationships while meeting any reporting expectations and requirements.


What we bring for your engagement and consultation requirements

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Strong offense

RegSync is the only tool of its kind. As a project developer, you will be prepared with a fulsome understanding of the social issues that lay ahead for your project. As a community, you will set expectations and precedents. RegSync shows exactly what concerns were raised n the past, and what was done to mitigate them.

Powerful defence

Our new-era Advantage services and technology will track your engagement and interactions. As a project developer or company, you will stay on top of interests, concerns, inquiries and your commitments. As a community, you will do the same while also holding external parties accountable.

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