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Changing the way you manage your stakeholders.

DIMEC is the one-stop solution for your customized stakeholder management software and data management needs.

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Collaboration

Project success first starts with an early and transparent stakeholder engagement program. Second to that comes a robust stakeholder data management solution with powerful reporting. You manage the first, we'll manage the second.

With the Right Solution, Great Things Can Happen


What We Offer

DIMEC understands stakeholder engagement, Indigenous engagement and public participation initiatives. We also understand software and how to develop solutions that actually work for our clients. Here's how we get there.

stakeholder engagement workflows

Workflows That Work

We completely remove the need for data management from your team. Our data capturing workflows work with your existing processes so you can focus on building relationships with your stakeholders.

stakeholder management solution

All-In-One Solution

We customize each client's software to meet their unique needs, whether it's for a small outreach program or public participation for a mega-project. Big or small, simple or complex, you'll get what you need.

stakeholder engagement support

Comprehensive Customer Support

Your customer support contact has been through this before. Their sole purpose is to ensure you're getting what you need and communicating your requirements to our software developers and data managers.

automated stakeholder management software

Smart Automation Tools

Our software is so smart that it can instantly rewrite an entire communication log to meet evolving external reporting requirements. Instantly change the level of detail (or even a stakeholder's pronouns!).

For Engagement Pros,
by Engagement Pros

DIMEC is an essential piece of any stakeholder engagement, Indigenous consultation or public participation program. With us as your partner, you will be completely freed of any data management requirements while still clearly understanding where you and your team members stand with every external individual and group.


File Sharing

Total Design

What Our Partners Have to Say

Janais Turuk,
Janais Turuk Consulting

“I have worked with the team at DIMEC in different capacities. They excel in developing data management processes and technology that show they clearly understand engagement through an Indigenous lens. DIMEC is top of mind when developing any community engagement plan.”

Katie Suek,
Canada North Environmental Services

“Data entry, coding, management, and tracking can be time consuming but integral to the success of our projects. We trust DIMEC to manage our engagement data for large environmental assessments in a way that meets client, regulatory, and community needs.  By doing so, our engagement practitioners have more time to focus on building relationships and understanding, and facilitating meaningful dialogue with community members.”

Jason Linklater,
Foran Mining Corporation

“DIMEC supports our community relations team by tracking our consultation, and by managing all interests, concerns, commitments and team action items. With DIMEC by our side and their reporting tool at our fingertips, we are better suited to build strong and lasting relationships within our communities.”

Get Ready to Maximize Your Engagement Program With Our Complete Data Solution

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